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TempSure is a non-invasive laser treatment technology that utilizes RF energy (radiofrequency) in order to tighten, smoothen and tone loose or saggy skin around the body.

In the Artisan body trinity, we use it to minimize any saggy skin created by fat loss as well as to give areas like the abdomen and buttocks a smooth appearance.


TempSure delivers high frequency RF energy to areas of the body that are likely to have loose or saggy skin.

Through sending the RF energy deep into the skin tissue, this triggers natural collagen growth which will firm and tighten the problem areas.

Through the use of specific applicators, the doctor will treat target areas using the TempSure handpieces which will lightly glide over problem areas as you are comfortably reclined.

Firm and tighten loose skins

Can also be used on the abdomen, thighs, love handles and buttocks.

Dr. Wong Chu Hui from The Artisan Clinic
Painless and fuss-free!

As we age, our skin and bodies tend to change with time. As we grow older our skin progressively starts losing collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that our skin needs to stay taut and healthy-looking. TempSure is perfect for individuals who suffer from:

  • Saggy facial skin
  • Stubborn body fat such as love handles
  • Visible cellulites on upper thigh and buttocks
  • Flabby arms
  • Loose skins

At The Artisan Clinic, all our doctors are well-trained professionals.

We keep ourselves up to date with latest trends and updates in the Aesthetic medicine field by being constantly involve and participating in seminars and conferences around the world.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Isaac Wong is an international trainer, and is often invited to speak in international conferences.

All treatments by The Artisan Clinic doctors are carefully curated by our Medical Director, Dr. Isaac Wong.

Safe, consistent and reliable

Artisan doctors are trained and experienced.

Short treatment time

Approximately 20-40 minutes procedure.

Skin tightening and toning

Comfortable and painless treatment.

Fuss-free with no downtime

You are able to return to your daily activities immediately after.

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Aging is inevitable but you can choose to age gracefully.

Naturally healthy skin

Rid your skin problems, wake up to beautiful clear skin.

Enhance facial contours

Get features you want with injectables that looks natural.

Thicker, fuller hair

Counter hair loss medically with our doctor-designed treatments.

Restore youthful looks

Reduce your skin age appearance by years.

Fair and dewy skin

Say hello to skin that looks like you have make up on.

Body slimming

Using FDA-approved machines to help you slim down faster.

About our founder

Founder / Medical Director of The Artisan Clinic
Ellanse Asia Advisory Board Member.
Winner of Ellanse / Silhouette Soft Combination Therapy Before After Competition in Barcelona 2018.
Accredited trainer for Dysport , Radiesse, Belotero.
International Trainer / Speaker for CynoSure Medical Devices, Ellanse , Silhouette Soft , Teoxane , Mint Lift.
International Speaker for Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Aesthetic Multi-Specialty, Euromedicom conferences.
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