Dr. Isaac Wong
August 29, 2022
3 mins

Face thread lift: The answer to a V-shape face?

I’ve written previously on the power of threadlifts for your nose. Today, I’m going to talk about what it can do for your face.

If you covet a V-shaped face without the need for a facelift, a face threadlift may very well be the perfect option for you.

Facelifting machines

Before threadlifts became popular, energy-based lifting devices like Radio Frequency (RF) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) were pretty much the only options available for a non-surgical facelift.

I will give credit where it’s due; these devices did their job and served excellent skin-tightening results.

That being said, results were highly dependent from doctor to patient. RF and HIFU are machines that operate based on power — the higher the power, the better the results.

If a patient can tolerate a good amount of pain that comes with this power, then the doctor can adjust the settings appropriately for optimum results. Simply put, the results you achieve from facelifting machines like RF and HIFU are highly dependent on your threshold for pain.

Now comes the doctor factor. Your doctor’s level of skills and knowledge of facial anatomy will affect the placement of the machines’ energy probes, which will influence results.

An experienced doctor will know the sweet spots of where to place the probes, compared to a newer doctor who will likely follow general guidelines at the lowest possible energy just to be safe.

Your answer — face threadlifts

Traditional face threadlifting procedures are typically invasive as they involve incisions into the skin and the dissection of facial tissues.

Each procedure takes roughly 3 hours and is associated with significant swelling, pain and bruising with evident scarring too. But all that is a thing in the past, as we now have newer V threads from Korea made from biocompatible materials like polydioxanone.

Best of all, treatment duration is now cut by more than half, making face threadlifts a lunchtime procedure now!

Here are the top 3 reasons why I like face threadlifts:

1. Instant natural visible results

One of the biggest signs of facial ageing is the sagging of your fat pads, especially the jowl fat pads and nasolabial fat pads.

Your fat pads are located above a thin layer of muscle called the sub-muscular aponeurotic system, usually targeted in surgical facelifts. The nasolabial fat pad slides inwards and downwards the mouth and forms what we call “smile lines” as we age. The jowl fat pads increase in size and slide downwards over time and form a “bulldog look”.

Why should you know these pads? Well, because they are crucial in face threadlifts. The nasolabial and jowl pads are highly mobile and can only be physically lifted with threads with hooks; they are highly responsive to threadlifts.

This means when threadlifts are introduced into the face, the hooks in the threads immediately latch onto the saggy fats to lift those fats up, giving almost immediate results. I like to use US FDA-approved threadlifts like MINT Lift and Silhouette Soft.


2. Minimal downtime

Everybody wants to look younger and prettier without the time, pain and risk.

Is it really possible? With the face threadlift, yes.

One of the reasons why a surgical facelift isn’t as favoured anymore is because it comes with a set of risks like prolonged pain and swelling, scar formation and an unnatural look.

Not with a face threadlift — with a skilled doctor, patients can walk out of the clinic looking 5-7 years younger with a sharper face in just an hour. Most can go back to work immediately and full recovery takes about 3-5 days. The best part? The final result still looks natural.

3. Additional perks like wrinkle reduction

If you’ve done nose threadlifts before, you’ll be well aware of the collagen producing effects that threadlifts have.

Regardless of the type of thread used (PDO, PLLA or PCL), once they dissolve, they stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, which reduces wrinkles, restores hydration and provides an overall skin-rejuvenation effect.

If you enjoy these secondary effects from nose threadlifts, imagine what you’ll get when these threads are inserted into your face — it’s like getting two facial anti-aging treatments now!


Although face threadlifts may be more expensive in the long run if you go back for frequent touch-ups, in my opinion it’s well worth it because of the decreased risks and downtime and instant lifting effect I believe that threadlifts will be the mainstay of facelift treatments moving forward — don’t be left behind!

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