Dr. Isaac Wong
August 29, 2022
3 mins

Are thread lifts suitable for all kinds of noses?

Remember when nose fillers were all the rage for non-surgical nose augmentation?

They still might be now, but with the presence of a very fierce competitor — nose thread lifts.

Most might know that I am a firm believer of nose thread lifts and do not really recommend nose fillers for nose augmentation. While we can argue all day long about longevity and results between the two, there are two main reasons why I don’t recommend fillers:

1. The risk of blindness

There already have been multiple cases worldwide of patients experiencing complications like skin necrosis and blindness from fillers. This devastating side effect is due to vessel occlusion, when filler materials block and penetrate blood vessels in the nose.

2. Avatar nose

Nose fillers can spread sideways and widen the nose bridge, especially if too much fillers are used or injected inappropriately. This creates the appearance of a wide nose bridge or Avatar nose, which beats the whole point of getting nose fillers in the first place.

Nose thread lifts — the treatment of choice for nose augmentation

A nose thread lift is a nasal augmentation procedure where short surgical threads are inserted into the nasal bridge or tip through a cannula. The threads are then used to shape the exact nose definition, shape and height desired. The result comes from the “stacking” effect from multiple threads used and takes just 15 minutes — hence nose thread lifts is considered a lunchtime procedure.

Thread lifts have revolutionised the aesthetic industry, as they can provide:

1. Instant lifting effect

Upon insertion into the nose, the threads prop up the nose tissues wherever they are placed. A nose thread lift enhances and lifts the nose bridge by two mechanisms:

  • Mechanical lifting effect — the threads act as a scaffolding structure to lift up the nose bridge and tip. This brings up the height of the nose bridge for a taller and more defined nose bridge. When inserted into the nose tip, the nose tip becomes smaller.
  • Biochemical lifting effect — one huge advantage nose thread lifts have over nose fillers is that the threads, fully bio-compatible with our tissues, stimulate the nose to produce natural collagen. This means that results will be sustained and improved even after the treatment is over.

2. Almost no downtime

As mentioned, a nose thread lifts is considered a lunchtime procedure due to the quick and fuss free treatment process. I commonly receive patients who pop over for a session during their lunch break — that’s how convenient this treatment is. Because they are all busy working individuals, they wouldn’t have the time to take a few weeks off to recuperate. With nose thread lifts, most patients are able to resume their daily activities almost immediately without anyone even knowing they had their nose done! At most, full recovery takes 3-5 days.

3. Collagen producing effect

Threads used in thread lifts are made from either polydioxanone (PDO), poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) or polycaprolactone (PCL). They are bioresorbable, meaning they dissolve in 6-9 months, 12-18 months or 15-24 months respectively. When dissolved, they turn into water and carbon dioxide and will not leave any long term side effects. On top of that, they trigger the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin around the threads, forming a stronger collagen network and causing a rejuvenation effect.

This means that patients who undergo nose thread lifts not only benefit from the instant lift, but also benefit from the extra collagen production 3-6 months post treatment.

Can nose thread lifts work for all noses?

Absolutely — and to be honest, results will vary and work better depending on your nose shape and request. Let me explain.

If you want a contoured nose:

Nose threads are highly effective if you want a defined, sharp and more contoured nose. It is achieved by lifting the nose bridge till the tip, and the effect is similar to a well-contoured nose done by makeup.

If you want a smaller nose tip:

Compared to nose fillers, nose thread lifts are a lot more effective at creating a sharper nose tip. This is because most nose threads come with tiny anchoring points or cogs along the threads, which lift the nose and make the nose tip appear smaller. Nose threads also produce a smaller and more subtle increase in volume, resulting in a more natural look.

If you want a straighter nose:

Some people have dents or dorsal humps on their noses; nose thread lifts can fix that depression.

If you want a higher nose bridge:

This depends on how flat your nose is. While nose thread lifts can provide volume and shape, they don’t produce very dramatic results. The beauty of nose thread lifts is that they give natural-looking and subtle results. Of course, if you want a very noticeable increase, it can be done with more threads which might not be very cost effective.

If you have an Avatar nose from nose fillers:

I would advise to get your doctor to first dissolve the fillers with hyaluronidase, and then insert nose threads after 5-7 days. The end result is a more defined, elegant and slimmer nose.


I believe nose thread lifts will be here to stay for a very long time, and I’m excited to see how ongoing advancements in the aesthetics industry will further catapult this non-surgical treatment!

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