Acne Scars

New Acne Scar Treatments in Singapore that have been proven efficient by patients.

These treatments range anywhere from dermal fillers to lasers to improve the appearance of acne scars for patients in Singapore. While acne scars aren’t life threatening, they can affect people’s mental health and self esteem. If not treated immediately and properly, they can leave permanent marks on the skin.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are depressions on the skin caused by inflamed blemishes produced by skin pores. These skin pores are filled with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. When a pore swells, it causes a break in the follicle wall.

While shallow lesions are usually minor and heal quickly, infected ones can spill out into surrounding tissue and create deeper lesions. The skin then attempts to repair these infected lesions by forming new collagen fibers. Unfortunately, these repairs do not bring the skin back to its original state, thus resulting in acne scars.

How Acne develops?

Under skin, our pores are connected to glands to form an oily substance known as sebum. These glands are and pores are linked by a canal known as a follicle that grows out thin hair to the skin’s surface. When sebum and dead skin cells clump together, a plug in the follicle forms, thereby causing inflammation and red pimples. Many often think acne and pimples are the same thing; however pimples are just one of the symptoms of acne.

The common types of Acne Scars in Singapore:

Rolling/Atrophic Scars
Boxcar scars
Icepick Scars
Hypertrophic scars
Post-inflammatory Erythema
Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

The following are specialised Acne Scar Treatments in Singapore that will improve the appearance of your acne scars and even smoothen your skin texture:


Subcision is commonly used for acne marks that are deep and tethered down. This treatment method works by using a tiny needle to “release” the fibrous brands of tissue holding the scar down. By doing so, this disrupts the scar tissue under the skin and aids in remodelling of the scars, thereby resulting in shallower scars.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a collagen-producing substance that encourages cell renewal. They are best used for rolling and atrophic scars. Dermal fillers provide structural support to skin and add volume to areas of indentation. Not only are dermal fillers able to minimise the appearance of certain types of scars, they can also improve the texture of skin due to their hyaluronic properties. The most popular type of dermal fillers used for acne scars are Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Touted as the gold standard laser for skin resurfacing, Fractional CO2 Laser is an ablative laser that treats acne scars effectively. Fractional CO2 Laser is particularly useful for resurfacing within 1mm of the top layer of skin, hence it’s ideal for shallow boxcar and rolling acne scars. The laser delivers powerful columns of laser beam energy into the skin, which stimulates collagen regeneration and thus encourages skin cell renewal. This helps with superficial scars, pores, wrinkles and fine lines.

INFINI Fractional Microfrequency

INFINI treatment combines Microneedling and Radiofrequency to stimulate cell regeneration, collagen production and skin tightening. Fractional Radiofrequency breaks down old collagen and elastin, while insulated microneedles can treat scars up to 3.5mm deep without causing damage to the top layer of skin. As such, INFINI Fractional Microfrequency treatment is suitable for those with deep acne scars. Aside from treating acne scars, INFINI can also improve wrinkles and sagging skin.

TCA Cross Chemical peels

TCA Cross is a chemical peel that uses highly concentrated chemical peel acid to remodel acne scars. It comes with a local inflammatory reaction, which leads to the formation of new collagen fibres. Compared to traditional chemical peels, TCA which contains trichloroacetic acid is a lot more powerful. Hence, while TCA Cross is highly effective, it also comes with a high risk safety profile.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroid injections are used to flatten enlarged scars and are ideal for hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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In Singapore, there are now new acne scar treatments that have been proven efficient by patients. These treatments range anywhere from dermal fillers to lasers to improve the appearance of acne scars.

While acne scars aren’t life threatening, they can affect people’s mental health and self esteem. If not treated immediately and properly, they can leave permanent marks on the skin.

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