Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that commonly affects the nose, cheek and chin.

Rosacea is commonly characterised by persistent facial redness, frequent flushing of the cheeks, small and visible red blood vessels on the surface of the skin, acne pustules and an enlarged red nose with thickened skin.Rosacea is more likely to occur among females aged 30 to 50.

What causes Rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is not known, but it is suspected to be due to an overactive immune system, heredity, environmental factors or a combination of any factors.

We know that Rosacea is not because of poor hygiene and it is not contagious. Sometimes, flare-ups may be caused by:

  • Hot drinks and spicy foods
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Sun or wind
  • Being emotionally unstable
  • Exercise
  • Drugs that dilate blood vessels, such as some blood pressure medicines
  • Some cosmetic, skin or hair care products.

How can I tell if I have Rosacea?

People often mistake rosacea for acne or other skin conditions. Some signs and symptoms to look out for in rosacea are:

  • Facial blushing or flushing
    There may be persistent blushing or flushing of the face in the central region. This sign may be harder to spot in darker skin.
  • Visible veins
    Small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks may rupture and become visible, causing a symptom called spider veins.
  • Worsening of pigmentation over time
    Pimples that are sometimes filled with pus may form on your face if you have rosacea.
  • Burning sensations
    The affected area may feel hot and tender – burning sensations are commonplace for rosacea
  • Eye problems
    Those with rosacea may also experience dry, irritated or swollen eyes and eyelids, known as ocular rosacea. The eye symptoms could also appear before that of the skin symptoms.
  • Enlarged nose
    Rosacea can thicken the skin on the nose with time, causing the nose to look bulbous (rhinophyma). This occurs more commonly in men than in women.

What are the types of Rosacea?

While there are 4 different types of rosacea, some people may experience symptoms of more than one type. They include:

  • #1 Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea
    This is characterised by persistent redness on the face. Small blood vessels underneath the skin may enlarge and become visible. These symptoms often flare up and then disappear. However, without treatment, the redness could be persistent for a longer period of time or cover a larger area, or even become permanent.
  • #2 Papulopustular Rosacea
    This is often associated with “whitehead” pustules. These pus-filled, red, swollen bumps usually appear on the cheeks, chin and forehead, and are often mistaken for acne. There may be facial redness and flushing too. Blemishes often appear and can persist for a long time on the scalp, neck or chest.
  • #3 Phymatous Rosacea
    This causes the skin to thicken and scar, which makes it bumpy, swollen and sometimes discoloured. It is rare but treatable, and usually affects the nose, resulting in a bulbous nose.
  • #4 Ocular Rosacea
    This type of rosacea affects the eyes, making them watery or bloodshot. There may be burning sensations or irritation of the eyes. It can cause persistently dry and sensitive eyes. Cysts may form on the eyelids too.

How is Rosacea treatment done at The Artisan Clinic?

Picosure Laser

The Picosure Laser is so named because of its picosecond laser – the pulse duration of the laser is one-trillionth of a second. This patented technology allows laser beams to penetrate deeper into the skin to allow for effective collagen production.

Each Pico Laser has different pulse durations ranging from 450 picoseconds to 750 picoseconds. The shorter pulse duration gives it better safety, higher efficacy and reduced damage and discomfort as compared to normal nanolasers.

With Picosure Laser, we’re sure you’ll get rid of all your skin issues in no time.

Keep In Mind

PicoSure, PicoPlus and PicoWay are different brands of picosecond lasers. You can have the best picosecond laser in the world, but the doctor’s diagnosis, choice of treatment protocol and way of handling the machine is way more important.

The settings of the pico laser has to be adjusted to fit the patient’s condition, and a good doctor should be able to tweak accordingly.

Do your research and make sure the doctor has a good track record of using pico lasers on Asian skin.

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Potenza is a radiofrequency (RF) microneedling technique that combines monopolar and bipolar RF at 1 or 2 MHz frequencies in a single device. Heat and microwounds created by ultrafine needles are used to trigger the skin’s natural healing response, so that collagen and elastin are remodelled and regenerated.

The microneedles use Tiger Tip technology, meaning they can deliver RF energy at 2 different depths in a single treatment, thus saving time and reducing discomfort for the patient. The RF energy is delivered deep into the skin to produce dramatic results, helping to improve any signs of ageing and improve blemishes or scars.

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